Kate Breuer

Kate Breuer

Milford, New Zealand · 3 items

Chase | Willow, Book 1

Chase Hunter knows something is wrong with the society she lives in. The fact her daughter, Willow, even exists is proof since Chase and her husband are no more than friends, despite keeping up appearances.

When the government’s hospital staff expresses too much interest in Willow after her required five-year exam, Chase is ready to do whatever it takes to keep her daughter safe—even if that means breaking the law.

With the help of her husband and friends, Chase discovers secrets that go beyond who Willow’s real father is.

Nate Ashcroft is a content bachelor and proud member of PCR, the task force designed to not only keep the city safe, but prevent crime from happening in the first place.

Nate’s privileged world starts collapsing when he’s forcibly engaged to assist his father’s political agenda, and his fiancée admits to helping PCR imprison and torture a civilian.

Soon, Nate finds himself attempting to rescue a woman he’s never met and running for his—and her—life.

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